Welcome to Portsmouth Water’s Havant Thicket Winter Storage Reservoir Project Procurement Portal

The Havant Thicket Winter Storage Reservoir (“HTWSR”) Project involves the construction of the first major strategic water resource in the South East for decades. It is the result of a planning collaboration between Portsmouth Water and Southern Water, through the Water Resources in the South East group, to provide more resilient water supplies. It supports reduced abstraction on chalk rivers, will deliver an overall biodiversity net gain and will provide new community leisure amenities.

This procurement portal will be utilised by Portsmouth Water for sourcing the major design, construction and associated work and service packages for the HTWSR Project. Interested organisations are invited to register their details in the supplier section and to keep checking back for newly published opportunities.

Portsmouth Water intends to advertise the majority of the necessary packages of works and services for HTWSR project by publishing Contract Notices in accordance with the Utilities Contract Regulations 2016.